Mentor Session: Moving overseas & working remotely

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Taking this leap to freelance is a big and exciting step but combine this with moving to a new country, and it adds a whole new level of challenge and uncertainty to the equation! If you’re considering making this move, in this 2 hour mentorship session we'll talk through the steps to take the leap and move overseas as a freelancer.

We'll talk through topics like:

  • How to determine what your services are
  • How to manage the visa process and finances
  • Getting organized for your new country
  • How to find accommodation and coworking spaces
  • How to network effectively and make the most of your new country
  • Tips on kickstarting your freelance career.

I will also provide a handy checklist and spreadsheet template for you to help guide you through the tasks to consider. The session will held via Zoom and recorded for you (provided by Dropbox after the session).

Getting started

Please provide the following to get started:

1) A short introduction from you, what you're currently doing and why you're considering taking this leap
2) Your preferred availability (including time zone)
3) Your preferred country to move to
4) Any preferences of topics to focus on.
5) Email address to set-up the session.